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Founded in 1961, Stewart Design has become one of Indy’s leading aftermarket accessory installation companies.  It now serves over 30 dealerships in the greater Indianapolis area. 

Stewart Design was started by David Stewart back in 1961.  David traveled around to the local dealerships installing pinstriping and doing whitewalls on tires.  As a teenager, Mike Stewart started working for his dad as an installer and later became owner of the company.

Upon taking over ownership, Mike decided the company needed to make some changes to stay current with the growing aftermarket technology.   That’s when Stewart Design became the company you know it as today, a leading aftermarket accessory company in the greater Indianapolis area. 

Our skilled installers can perform installations such as leather interiors, sunroofs, radios, navigation systems, DVD systems, remote starts, chrome accessories, graphics, spoilers, and so much more.  Stewart Design offers you an extensively large variety of accessories at competitive rates.   Our friendly staff takes great pleasure in your satisfaction and will work hard to find the right application for your needs.  If there is an accessory you want, we will do our best to find it for you.  We have a wide range of vendors that work with us to provide the most up to date accessories.  We are here for you!

Please Contact Us today and ask to speak with one of our friendly sales people.  You won’t regret it!



Picture of Mike Stewart, Owner at Stewart Design          


     Name:  Mike Stewart

     Job Title:   Owner

     Hire Date:  May 1986

     Years of Experience: 27 years

     Hobbies:  Mike likes to watch most major sports, golf, and coach his children’s sports.   



Picture of Heather Richards, Office Manager at Stewart Design          


     Name:  Heather Richards

     Job Title:   Office Manager

     Hire Date:  March 17, 2008

     Years of Experience:  10 years of customer service experience

     Hobbies: Heather spends her time with her husband and 3 children, summer weekends at Raccoon Lake, and enjoys fitness and health.


Picture of Dan Klase, Sales Manager at Stewart Design          


     Name:  Dan Klase

     Job Title:   Sales Manager

     Hire Date:  September 2006

     Years of Experience:  29 years

     Hobbies:   Dan enjoys bike riding and collects old beer and soda signs from pre 1960’s. 



Picture of Nick Syberg, Electronics Installer at Stewart Design          


     Name:  Nick Syberg

     Job Title:  Electronic Installer      

     Hire Date:  September 06

     Years of Experience: 17 years

     Hobbies: Nick enjoys barbequing and drinking beer.



Picture of Rick Rush, Production Engineer at Stewart Design          


     Name:  Rick Rush

     Job Title: Production Engineer   

     Hire Date: October 2009

     Years of Experience: 25 years

     Hobbies: Rick likes to build motorcycles and hotrods in his spare time.